Star Rider

Est. 2012

Star Rider was first started in 2012 by Tyra Sjöstedt. At the time Star Rider sold breeches, pads and hoods. Until 2015 Star Rider made a paus because of a larger investment for the future. The web shop was closed down and Team Star Rider went to China to meet up with suppliers and look at factory’s to develop new collections with top quality. In the third quarter of 2015 the new was opened up again with a brand new product line including riding tights, exclusive competitions tops and other products for riders and their horses. Star Riders business concept is to deliver clever solutions to a good price to riders and horses, and that is what Star Rider always has in mind when developing new products. Star Rider also tries to think outside the box. To dress yourself and your horse is supposed to be fun and not cost a lot of money!

Star Rider has grown a lot and has become a really popular brand and is most famous for the really comfortable riding tights. Star Rider always uses fabric and silicon, specially picked out for Star Rider with high quality, so that all riders get a nice grip in the saddle. Star Rider can also proudly pronounce that we have 100% satisfied customers when it comes to riding tights, which is unique and very pleasant.

The company has done progress as well. Nina, who is responsible for exhibitions, customer service, warehouse and all contact with China, is doing a great job. Office and warehouse is located in Norrköping where tights, creativity and visions for the future are flowing!

During 2016 a lot of news is going to join the product line, for example full seat breeches, tights for kids and a lot of new colours for all tights! Star Rider is going to launch a new website world-wide and also be seen on a lot of exhibitions around Sweden!

Tyra Sjöstedt

Andreas Kurzeja

Adam Fagerström

 Entrepreneur, blogger and horse lover. Tyra is the founder and owner of the brand Star Rider and passionate about everything that has to do with horses!

All that is difficult with running a business, is handed over to Andreas. He takes care of our economy and the financial statements and what ever its called, with flying colors!

Our graphic production goes through Adam. He designs and produces for our website, our mailings and he has also created our graphic profile!